This One Goes To Eleven

Because in 2010, everything is one louder.

I Am Moving

I have decided to consolidate all of my blogging into one, new space. I’ve got the blog up now and ready to go, so I am officially switching over. I will leave this blog up so that people can look through the archives. I would hate to deny anyone the hilarity that I’ve displayed in this space. But go ahead and follow me over to The Little Spoon. I’ll be funny there too. And the hope is that I’ll be more posting more consistently. All good stuff.


The Little Spoon. Thanks for reading!


Yay For Fall

I really love this time of year, mostly because of the clothes. In the summer, I’m always uncomfortable because I don’t like wearing shorts and I somehow remain ridiculously pale while everyone around me becomes nice and tan. I just, ew. Summer style is not my thing. But fall? Well, I’m all about fall. I love to layer clothing and pair together long sleeves shirts with dresses. I like tights and jackets and I love being able to wear blue jeans without getting sweaty or uncomfortable.

Today I’m wearing a wonderful fall combo of a lightweight turtleneck (so soft! Thanks, Mom!), tights and one of my favorite dresses that I bought in Spain, but hardly ever wear during warm weather because the top half is a little loose on me. I belted it at the hips with a cloth belt that I stole from one of my wretched pairs of summer shorts.

Chicago Teacher Dies After Sliding Down Banister

This is terribly sad.

High-spirited hijinks at a halloween party ended in horror for friends of a south suburban woman who plunged four floors to her death in an accident at a downtown Chicago hotel Saturday night.

Elementary school teacher Megan Duskey, 23, was attempting to slide down a railing on the mezzanine at the Palmer House Hilton, 17 East Monroe, when she lost her balance and fell over the edge to the basement level about 10:30 p.m., police said.

Duskey taught special education classes at Orville T. Bright Elementary School on the far South Side and was a “caring, energetic person who was full of life and eager to help others and make a difference in the world,” her family said.

She was partying with friends at the “Haunted Hotel Ball” — a costume party for more than 2,000 revelers — and was dressed in the yellow and black costume of the comic book superhero the Silver Spectre when she died, authorities said.


When I was a freshman in high school, I was walking downstairs from the third floor of the school with a couple of friends when one of them, a very tall guy with a low center of balance, decided to slide down the banister between two landings. One second, we’re all chatting amicably. The next, he was toppling backward and fell through the opening in the stairwell and crashed with a breathtaking thud against the concrete floor three stories below.

We stared down at him from above and he looked dead. He was knocked unconscious and spent the day in the hospital, but apart from some bad bruising on his face and arms, he was, luckily, fine. It was one of the scariest things for which I have ever been present.

Do not slide down stair banisters, people. Do not do it.


The Only Time I’ve Wanted To Be Named After My Mother

My mom and I are discussing blog titles and she’s suggesting all kinds of hokey, but very cute, names that make use of Claire. But none of them are nearly as good as what I suggested she could with her name:

The Rhonda-bout Way.

That would be an awesome blog.

Tea Drinkers Unite

I did not attend the Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear in D.C. this weekend, because traveling into D.C. for major events that draw large crowds makes me absolutely insane. It didn’t seem right to be driven mad by an attempt to restore sanity. So I stayed home and watched football and went for a run and enjoyed the comfort of my couch. But I did spend this morning looking through this post about signs from the rally and have picked out some of my favorites.

This one is by far the best of the bunch:

This is how I've felt about the Tea Party for a long while now. I like tea! Stop ruining it for me, you moronic douchebags.

Some of my other favorites from the list of 100:

Some were very clever.

Some were full of truthiness.

Some were positively horrifying.

And this one just made me laugh.

The Worst Thing About Halloween

is that I desperately want to eat all of the candy we purchased for trick-o-treaters.


2011 Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar Calendar

I want this calendar. WANT.